The structures include, for example, processes and procedures in the company but also in private life.

It is the systems, for example how we deal with resources, which business models we maintain or what the hiring policy is in the company. It is also about organizational structures and the procedures in processes or in further training.

Structures and processes are the engine of what we do and for whom we do it. Also, in what form we do this and with what result!

Negotiation is an art and not only in love!


Negotiation … is acting in dialogue at eye level. It is about an exchange of views on certain dates. About clarification, questioning and a great extent of communication skills. Since we are all use-oriented, the direction of the target is usually clear! Both negotiating partners want to satisfy their interests. AND both want to get …

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Understanding others, if we want to understand someone, we must devote one's attention to that person. It is almost like reading a book!


Understanding … is like observing, looking at, determining, identifying, and evaluating. If you do it well, it is also a reading, recording, and surveying of the whole. We do not always understand everything, but we can train for it. So, we can also build a structure to understand ourselves and others better! A good structure helps …

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Resilience … is the strength to resist! We all need resilience! Resilience is not a force to go into opposition, it is the force to resist, to survive! In what way does resilience show itself! It is our very own ability to handle stressful living conditions and the resulting consequences. Sometimes we must be something …

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Selectivity … or merging? What do we want? What good is that? Selectivity is more unambiguous and concrete. We look for reliability and accuracy. Maybe we are sometimes also concerned with uniqueness. What about ambiguity? Many things have two sides, the medallion, the paper, etc. Sometimes this helps us out of tricky situations, but it …

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Personalarbeit-human resource management

Human resource management

Personalarbeit …quo vadis!? Wohin soll es gehen in der Personalarbeit, rauf oder runter?! Innovativ, oder doch eher das „Althergebrachte“ und Gewohnte?! Neue Zeiten erfordern neue Vorgehensweisen! Seit mutig Euch vorwärts zu entwickeln! Früher Früher war Personalarbeit ein bürokratischer Bereich, der sich um die Einstellungen gekümmert hat. Ebenso um die Lohn-/ Gehaltsabrechnungen und Kündigungen. Kündigungen waren …

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Lernmotivation-learning motivation

Learning motivation

Lernmotivation … ist Lernerlebnis Unterschiedliche Menschen in Trainings, Workshops und Co mit unterschiedlichen Anforderungen, Wünschen, Werten und Erwartungen. Eine gute innere Haltung hilft uns hier den Spagat zu meistern! Lernerlebnis produziert Lernmotivation Damit zufriedene Teilnehmer oder Zuhörer und damit motivierte Menschen vor uns sitzen, müssen die Struktur, das System, die Stimmung und die innere Haltung …

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