Consulting - Process management
Good process management helps to minimize resistance and increase motivation


  • … affects all processes in the company
  • … increases the effectiveness and efficiency of YOUR company
  • … links every process step meaningfully
  • … includes simplification, harmonization and / or standardization
  • … also makes sense in the further training process in order to maintain cooperation
  • … should be viewed holistically across the company
  • … is also change and must not turn just one wheel

Well-planned and prepared process management helps us to optimize processes. Because in this way we prevent unnecessary loops and additional work.

Regardless of whether we are talking about a purchasing, investment, logistics or training process. It is important for all of them that each process step is meaningfully linked to the next.

Often, however, we fly backwards loops to a certain department, or do the work twice because the current process requires it. More effort is inevitable. Because employees often lose their passion and motivation, internal friction and resentment lead to conflicts again.

Process harmonization and standardization are key words for effective and efficient working methods and an appreciative cooperation. It must be considered that different people in the company are also involved in different processes. It can be that one cannot follow the other because he does not even know the process. That is why it is important to find out what the motivational structure of those involved might be. And thus, also the behavior towards the new process, in a process analysis.

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