Training - Moderation
Moderation is communication
Good moderation activates everyone and produces good results. A good moderator pays attention to the resources of everyone involved and takes everyone seriously!


  • … depends on a good moderator and works online, too
  • … is the chance to let creative ideas run free
  • … needs well-crafted and time-tested framework conditions
  • … should not be taken lightly
  • … requires process, method, and social skills from the moderator
  • … is good when it contributes to important conversations during the breaks
  • … allows to play, scribble and paint for better motivation

Moderation only works properly if the moderator has process responsibility and not content responsibility. He must be a neutral third party who is able to empathize with others.
Good leadership of groups or listeners also depends on the use of good methods. He or she who leads through the day or the hours must be able to recognize problems and conflicts. He or she must know his/her own role well and convey his/her own personality.

But good moderation does not only depend on the moderator.

Success also lies in thorough preparation, as well as the clear agreement with the client and an awareness of the topic. Ultimately, we are all only successful, whether as a moderator, trainer, or consultant, if there is active participation of all those involved. In the end, transfer assurance and an evaluation must show that goals and outcomes have been achieved.

If all of this happens online, it is like a blended learning concept, online training, coaching, or with virtual teams. We then must be able to set up our path, our structure and possibly also the content, perhaps differently. Usually, we do not see the “whole” participants in an online meeting and still want to get a good result.

My offer for you

I am happy to train your employees in the implementation of good moderation and I am happy to take over the moderation of your workshops or conflicts. Just have a look at the news, specifically at lectures and workshops.

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