Consulting- Succession planning
Nachfolgeplanung bringt Sie zum Erfolg
Succession planning applies not only to the company itself, but also to the career development of employees


  • … is essential for a successful company
  • … takes care of the management and career planning
  • … must be in focus due to the upcoming generation change
  • … urgently needs a good overlapping transition
  • … is only successful if we know the motivation of those involved
  • … must also take customer and supplier relationships into account
  • … is supported by analyzes and helps with the decision
  • … keeps the company healthy

Corporate succession is like career or leadership succession planning. There are a lot of questions and maybe some inconsistencies. It is the established company, the task of handing the role into good hands. The handover must also work without discomfort. It is important for the takeover to perceive the new role, to be able and willing to do so. This can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties at one point or another.

I will mainly accompany you on the human and organizational factors. There are other specialists for legal and financial matters.

When planning a succession, it is important to ensure that we are talking about a change. And changes usually affect many aspects, for example in cooperation, that we should not ignore. A person goes and a person comes. New faces, new people, new behaviors and leadership styles. All of this can contribute to success or failure. Good planning is therefore a prerequisite for success!

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