Service - Online Coaching
online coaching with the phone

with a fixed line or the mobile phone

online coaching with the computer

with the computer via headset

Coaching is also possible online

You are probably familiar with individual coaching or the mobile coaching I have already offered.
However, there is also an option of booking „sessions“ with me via phone, smartphone, or computer. You can use this as an additional option.

The person who is in a coaching session, can choose between telephone, smartphone, or PC. And the big advantage here is time flexibility, as well as the opportunity for me as a coach to see facial expressions and gestures of the other person.

The same applies to blended learning concepts. Here, too, you have the option of incorporating sequences that are implemented virtually.

Just talk to me about it!


There are a variety of topics that we can manage with online coaching. The person in the coaching session, the client and I we make the decision together.

The online sequences can also be stages between the individual coaching appointments, such as individual or executive coaching.
Online coaching can also be used as a meeting to get to know each other.

Just get in contact with me if you are interested!

The technical part

The company can choose the online platform. If necessary, I can also make it available. I already have experience with the following tools:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Duo, Skype, …
  • Teambits
  • TeamViewer
  • WebEx
  • i.a.

For telephone coaching, I prefer a landline connection, as the connection is usually more stable than with a smartphone. If the conversation takes place via mobile phone, the call is made by the person who makes the coaching.

The prerequisites and the framework conditions must urgently be considered.

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