Change profiles help the change consultant in the change process
Value profile for more inner strength


  • … shows HOW we think about something
  • … describes what has shaped us and what motivates us
  • … is a dynamic picture of our stages of life
  • … helps us to understand reactions under pressure
  • … gives us the chance to make better decisions about our life
  • … shows the different demands in change management
  • … becomes a powerful instrument in conjunction with the culture and structural profile

Many conflicts, misunderstandings, and friction in organizations arise because we expect other people to have the same motivations and driving forces as we do. But our individual development differs in several clearly separated stages. In each of these stages, we have different motivators and drivers towards other people. These are influenced by individual living and working circumstances.


The value profile shows the interaction between the psyche of an individual and a specific environment. And to the same extent that we evolve, our living conditions also become more complex. As a result, everything builds on one another dynamically and demands constant change and adaptation from us. We find this image not only in individual values, but also in the culture and structure of the company.

Values and personal development are related

Because if we have the feeling that our personal values match those of the company, we feel good. It is therefore particularly relevant to know that our individual values and their development have a lot to do with our health. AND they also influence the appreciative cooperation in the company as well as in the team. This, in turn, shapes our desire for security or shows us the danger of the blockade.

All in all, this is a stunning opportunity to recognize and understand your own drivers, needs, and experiences. Because the value profile shows us what we like and what we reject about these values in our thinking and also in our actions as well.

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