Coaching -Team coaching
Teamcoaching stärkt auch Individualität
Team coaching is more intensive than a team workshop, it also goes into the depths of the personality of each individual and thus promotes mutual appreciation


  • … helps to turn a group into a team
  • … helps to develop understanding for one another
  • … is a process of personality and team development
  • … depicts different phases, which are often blurred into one another
  • … shows different needs and values
  • … lets individuality live but the team still stands
  • … needs mutiny to reveal the truth
  • … becomes very real through video analysis and does not gloss over anything

In team coaching, it is important to know the influence of your own understanding of values and thus your own personality. Sensitivities for cooperation are mostly based on undertones in communication. It is important to pay attention to the wording and body language.

Team coaching is about recognizing where the individual team members stand in terms of their values and in the development phases.

Development phases

When the group comes together for the first time, polite and impersonal interaction is usually maintained. Individuals have high expectations of the department and, the boss, as well as their role and task. At first you can feel a certain euphoria, you want to integrate; you are excited about the new and getting to know each other is in the foreground. That is why I recommend a team building or introductory workshop right at the start. You can find out more about this in my book.

Team coaching is also often referred to as team development and should be implemented steadily and consistently. Because team development is a process of change. It is about a respectful and appreciative cooperation that allows the team to be successful in the long term.

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