Change profiles help the change consultant in the change process
Change profil for inner stability


  • … supports change management
  • … reveals the current situation and helps to define new steps
  • … becomes a good aid in conjunction with the value profile
  • … makes it clear how well current life and work go together
  • … shows where we feel stable
  • … helps to show where tensions are and how we can cope with them
  • … gives us an idea of how we can best get rid of old behaviors

The change profile shows different stages. Where do I come from, what is currently moving me, where are my changes or blockages, and how do I make my breakthrough? This profile becomes particularly powerful in connection with a value profile. Because this enables the activating values and help, but also the blocking values and rejection, to be shown precisely. I see where I am stable, what puts me under tension and what movement is taking place.

Especially in situations of change, we often must struggle with resistance. If we can reveal exactly where this comes from and what fears the employees are worried about, we can also create a successful change.

From the type of change we can see whether it is a „simple“ improvement of the current situation or whether a completely new situation should and may occur.
So, are you ready to tackle and demand new solutions? 🙂

If you are interested in bringing your change process to a healthy conclusion, then this is exactly the right thing.

Are you interested? Then get in contact with me!

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