Consulting - Conflict management
Konflikte managen das muss das Ziel sein
Conflict management works in many forms, for example as moderation, coaching or mediation


  • … means to prevent the escalation of a conflict
  • … prevents unnecessary conflicts
  • … includes i.e. the method of mediation for constructive conflict resolution
  • … is marked, systematic, conscious, and targeted
  • … is usually implemented with the help of an external person
  • … has a clear structure and a process for achieving goals
  • … keeps an eye on the system of the conflict

Conflict management is brought about with the help of external coaches or mediators. So, what I do is a systematic handling with the different interests of those involved in order to resolve the conflict. For this purpose, I use the Harvard concept, good questioning techniques, and more.

First, it is a matter of recognizing the conflict. Then you should uncover killer phrases and determine the course or the phase of the conflict. It is important to perceive conflicts as an opportunity for change. And to recognize and address resistance in the process.

In order to practice conflict prevention, a systemic view of the situation is necessary. You can gain personal stability. It is also about clarifying roles, tasks and responsibilities and strengthening your skills. Relationships and group dynamics play a major role here, too. It is important to uncover structural areas of tension and process difficulties.

This works best with systemic methods. Here for example with the system board or circular questioning techniques. Depending on the degree of escalation, different solution methods are then used:

  • Conflict resolution and moderation
  • Short term mediation
  • mediative coaching
  • mediative negotiation or
  • business mediation as a complete process

Furthermore, the following topics are also touched upon: personality development, stress management, leadership, communication clarification, team development, and more.

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If you have one or more conflicts, you are welcome to contact me in confidence.

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