The systemic approach helps the change consultant to understand the relationships
Transactional analysis helps to recognize why I am the way I am


  • … helps you to get to know your own personality better
  • … can show why leadership is sometimes so difficult
  • … opens an AHA effect in us and sometimes moves us to tears
  • … lets us clean up our past and make peace with it
  • … shows us the pitfalls that we would not have otherwise seen
  • … makes you aware of why everything is often different under pressure
  • … is not a manipulation technique or a fad

Transactional analysis (also known as TA) originally comes from psychology and is intended to help people handle with private and business relationships professionally.

All social connections are called transactions. They determine which part of the complex personality dominates and what we took with us from our childhood. This means that the transactional analysis reveals the personality concept and the communication concept that has arisen from it.

There are three personality areas to consider:

  • The parent-self encompasses your first 5-6 years of life. Here you can see what you accepted from your environment in your childhood. Or you realize what was forced upon you. You save that in yourself. It is often the case that we have these learned behaviors anchored deep in our subconscious. 🤨🤔
    Therefore, we often do not perceive this behavior ourselves, but our environment does!
  • The childhood ego shows what we experienced, felt, and understood from our childhood. In this way you can see, for example, how your reactions to the parent-self were. So, in a nutshell, what your reactions were to your parents ‚behavior
  • The adult-self arises when you realize that you can control your behavior from your own consciousness. So, when you start working on yourself. Only then does your adult-self grow and develop

The transaction analysis shows when you are your own worst enemy and shows why you are the way you are.
It is a method by which people are motivated to take a good look at their own behavior. It encourages you to wrestle with yourself critically and objectively.

I like to use TA in topics related to personality, communication, coaching, and leadership. I’m especially glad fot the latter, because a manager can only lead well if he is familiar with himself and within himself!

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