Learning compass

… gives us footing and orientation.

It shows where we are. He also shows us in which directions it can go.

AND he will then help us find the direction when we are ready.

The learning compass helps us to find orientation

Where is the starting point for the learning compass?

When do you realize that there is something to learn? Can you figure it out by yourself? Or will you be made aware of it by someone? If so, do you even want to hear that? Maybe there was a situation in which you noticed that you are not able to do something and now you want to learn it.

Now the question is about knowing, ability, being aware of, implementing and remembering. Or is it then in the end about the routine establishing in everyday life? So where should the journey go? Is it a dream, a real wish / goal or just „chatter“ that you wrap yourself in?

First you must find out whether you should, want or are allowed to learn something.

Magnetic learning compass

But what if an almost invisible magnet sends you in the wrong direction. What if he even stops and does not move anymore? What if you do not see?

Or what if your environment tries to convince you that this is all nonsense? Then your good intentions will be lost! The path will be rocky and bumpy!

Most of the time you recognize it when you go into resistance yourself. When strange feelings arise and when you feel like a victim.

Then it is time to break out for a bird’s eye view. Take the compass, yourself and give both of you a short shake. Look at the big picture because that way you are open to new ideas again. This gives new experiences a chance and you see the light on the horizon! So, this in turn contributes positively to your health and you can start all over again!

I wish you all the best!

If you need help, just contact me!

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