Training - Motivation
Motivation is bursting with energy
Your own motivation shows in inner strength - we cannot be motivated by others - we need ourselves to move forward!


  • … is feasible
  • … is bursting with energy
  • … helps you to be satisfied
  • … is a constant learning process that I work on every day
  • … gives us the opportunity to move something, ourselves and others
  • … prepares the way to success
  • … aids in good cooperation and successful leadership
  • … shows the inner needs

Motivation is a subjective value. The higher the likelihood that my efforts will be worthwhile, the greater my inner drive will be.

That in turn depends on my personal preference and the self-determined way of interacting with myself. So, I should know my personal life concept in order to work on my motivation.

This is how I get to know my own reasons, which are my own motivation force. They move me in a certain direction and with a certain intensity. The duration is also determined in this way. So how persistent am I? How great is my resilience or patience and what happens to my feelings and emotions? So, the motives are incentives to induce me to behave in a certain way.

For this to succeed, fair and honest feedback is required from myself, to myself, and from others to me. It also needs a good working atmosphere and, among other things, good target agreement discussions. You also need an interesting and challenging task with the right basic conditions in place, and much more.

So, everyone’s own energy – their own incentive – is different. Paying attention to your own needs and asking questions are essential here. So, it needs an optimal workload and an optimal stress, because that affects whether I am a success or failure expecting person. AND that, in turn, depends on my self-confidence.

This is why internal intrinsic motivation only works if we know ourselves!

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