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a positive attitude is also emotional competence


  • … to find out what my contribution is to the whole
  • … to recognize what I need myself
  • … also to find out what I think of myself
  • … to create the basis for asking others what they think of me
  • … e.g. to get to know my values and my needs
  • … to recognize which values are important to me – and why

When we know our self-worth and needs, we also know what to do for our well-being and health. Through a good self-perception and awareness of our inner values, we manage to shape our own path. With the necessary portion of willingness to change, as well as empathy, we strengthen our social awareness. This increases social competence and creates an inspiring leadership style and behavior that goes with it. By the way, that is emotional competence!

Developing personality and inner attitude only works if we WANT to. But often it fails precisely because we do not listen to others and we suppress feedback. Or we are stuck with our beliefs and everything seems so complicated.

But is it really: isn’t it about intricacy instead of complexity? It only gets complicated when we do not know what to do and do not inform to find out what is in store for us. It is easier to blame others or sell yourself as a victim.

Get out of the habit or in other words, cultivate mindfulness!

Only when you know where you stand in your own change process, will you know where things can go. In no case should you take this lightly, or you will end up in the valley of tears.

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