Training - Conflicts
Conflicts are bothersome but helpful
Conflicts are something we don't like - but they are the chance for new perspectives and a happier life


  • … are the opportunity for solutions
  • … can be exhausting and often they hurt those involved
  • … have the potential for better cooperation
  • … are what we usually have when we are not authentic
  • … arise when we impose our will on others
  • … are an indication that we have overlooked something

A conflict is the clash of different interests, needs, paths and goals. Conflicts can also arise from different styles of communication.

Like a game of Jenga, resolving conflicts has something to do with skill and concentration. The one who pulls out the block must be skillful so that nothing wobbles and falls since everything is connected together. It is the same in conflict situations. The environment must be focused to recognize when something is tumbling and where/how we are connected in order to avoid a fall/disaster.

Because we are joined together in conflict by our desires, needs, values and emotions, we often feel alone and sick. It takes a big dose of courage and skill to pull out one “block” after the other. That is why we must be particularly careful with one another, because that can be quite painful for us humans.

Conflict resolutions takes a lot of concentrating on your own feelings and behavior, as well as paying attention to the feelings and behavior of the other person. Sometimes we are so deeply involved that we cannot get out of here alone (in twos).

As such, we must sometimes find the „tools“ to help us such as conflict moderation or mediation.

If conflict is making life difficult and unhappy, I would be happy to support you in resolving these situations. Just contact me!

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