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Leadership - Training for good leadership
Leadership is a big challenge. It is often a balancing act between your own requirements and the expectations of the employees


  • … is to take somebody by the hand and leave alone
  • … does not mean you must be a „jack of all trades“
  • … also means withstanding pressure from all sides, being in the „sandwich“
  • … needs strength and gobbles up strength!
  • … also means being open to new ideas and setting a good example
  • … is essential for your own health and that of your employees
  • … represents emotional competence and empathy

Sometimes it seems as if a manager must be a “jack of all trades”. When it comes to the question of what qualities the boss must have, more than 40 (positive) qualities are often pinned to the bulletin board: trust, self-confidence, integrity, and authenticity. Furthermore, inspiration, commitment, empathy, serenity, and humor. Be consistent and reliable … and much more.
It is therefore important to know who must be led and who wants to be lead and how. This is true in good times as well as in bad, with change, and many other scenarios.

But as a leader, I not only lead people, I am also led. We find ourselves in the „sandwich“ position and then put pressure on ourselves. This then often scratches our motivation.

Every company has its own values and guidelines for how employees should be led. Unfortunately, there is often a gap between theory and practice. Let us fill that gap. You can use the target agreement as a good management tool and move your team forward.

Be a role model

Work on yourself! The best way to be a good role model and an inspiring boss is to know yourself.

Have the courage to look behind the facade, the backdrop, and the pressure. I am happy to help you. Simply get in touch.

For all personnel developers who are currently working on management programs, or for junior managers – take a look inside the file references at „Customer News“ or contact me directly!

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