Training - Personality
Training Personality
We are born with our own personality, but whether we stand by ourselves only becomes apparent during our lives!


  • … includes an “I”- therefore my needs
  • … also includes a YOU – what others expect from me
  • … is sometimes an internal dialogue
  • … has conscious and unconscious parts in it
  • … is driven by physical urges and is instinct-controlled; it thinks and searches for the self
  • … sometimes gets tangled up in the drama triangle and in emotional entanglements
  • … at times pays saving stamps in order not to have to work in yourself

One’s own personality is very exciting.

Often, we do not look behind the scenes, but rather keep a mask on. Deception and disguise are placed more in the foreground. If that does not work, we fall into the role of victim. Or we go into resistance, which often promotes frustration and fear.

Our personality consists of different dimensions. From the inner attitude to the ability to change. It is also the experience we bring to the company in conflicts, in projects and in teams. These and many other factors, in turn, affect our health.

If you want to find out why you end up in a vicious circle, then see what defines YOU personally. A personal value profile, a team analysis or the analysis of the corporate culture will help you.

Take a holistic and systemic view of your life and you will open new paths. It is not just pushing the pigeonhole, but the use of a wide range of possibilities to move something new and to perceive and appreciate the variety of human diversity.

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