Our behavior is shaped by our knowledge and skills. Right self-management, our way of working and effectiveness are also heavily dependent on our inner attitude.

The behavior is also reflected in the leadership style. How do I behave in crisis situations and what do I do for my health?

So, the question in behavior is what I do, what can I do and where do I have to develop!


Interests are buried under many layers. To find out WHY a person does something, we must be patient


Interests … are at the heart of our togetherness. When we say: „I understand you“, it is unfortunately often an empty phrase. Because can or will we really understand our counterpart? Let us listen? Are we listening actively and asking the right questions? Are we personally interested in the interests and backgrounds that motivate other …

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I am responsible for my time, nobody else, I bear all the consequences myself

My time

My time … is my responsibility! How often do we hear the statement: „No time!“ But who influences our time? Who is stealing it? And why do we always run after it? We have 24 hours a day, nothing more and nothing less! Your self-management must be the focus! Depending on our value preferences, we …

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Negotiation is an art and not only in love!


Negotiation … is acting in dialogue at eye level. It is about an exchange of views on certain dates. About clarification, questioning and a great extent of communication skills. Since we are all use-oriented, the direction of the target is usually clear! Both negotiating partners want to satisfy their interests. AND both want to get …

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Understanding others, if we want to understand someone, we must devote one's attention to that person. It is almost like reading a book!


Understanding … is like observing, looking at, determining, identifying, and evaluating. If you do it well, it is also a reading, recording, and surveying of the whole. We do not always understand everything, but we can train for it. So, we can also build a structure to understand ourselves and others better! A good structure helps …

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Experiences that we gain, can sometimes confuse us.


Gaining experiences … are knowledge, practice, teaching and gives us security. But they also give us an overview and an understanding for ourselves, for others and for situations. They are the impression they provide and the knowledge that follows from them. Mistakes are avoided, by gaining experiences. You gain experiences, by making mistakes! Author: Laurence …

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Iridescent balls or soap bubbles are delicate structures but beautiful.

Iridescent ball

Iridescent ball … can fascinate us, fall into raptures, and make us happy. But they can also deceive, disappoint, and make us unhappy. Soap bubbles that throw back a distorted reflection. Let us perceive the environment differently and unfortunately burst too quickly! Iridescent ball or disguise! As an iridescent ball, that has promises in it, …

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What is your role as a leader? What is to be risked?

Role as a leader

Leader’s role … means not to wear a mask!!! But unfortunately, I come across a lot of masks, especially in the upper management levels. If you really want to run a company in an innovative and successful way, then you must start with you and your colleagues at your level. You are the role models for …

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continuous improvement should also be the goal for us personally!


Continuous improvement … is a matter of course for many when we talk about products, structures, and organizations. But what about our own personal development? Why don’t we work on it continuously? What is stopping us from working on ourselves?! Continuous improvement on ourselves! Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.Mehr …

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We can strengthen competence and skills if we start of in a small way


Skills are diversity … in doing and over time. If we are confronted with unfamiliar situations or consciously sent into a change, our perception changes. We are confronted with a possible incompetence to the previous basic conditions. Skills – Incompetence – Compensation Competence We humans are very exciting beings. We can all handle with incompetence. …

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energizer as a booster


Energizer … are our reinsurance and our protection to survive difficult times. But be careful: It should not be too full or too empty. Because if you do not have enough energy, it will roll away from you. Before you become stable and sound, it should stand and not roll, otherwise it will overwhelm us …

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Bumper - the buffer stops of life


Bumper or buffer stop … originate from a sound. It makes puff or bof or pof and it stands for a dull noise or a bump. * Noises that have a sound-imitating origin or reproduce dull acoustic impressions. Do we thud onto the floor? Are we squeezed together? Or are we just the shock absorbers …

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