… or merging?

What do we want? What good is that?

Selectivity is more unambiguous and concrete. We look for reliability and accuracy.

Maybe we are sometimes also concerned with uniqueness.


What about ambiguity?

Many things have two sides, the medallion, the paper, etc. Sometimes this helps us out of tricky situations, but it often also makes us unreliable.
For example, when we say A and act B. So, our actions do not match with our statements!
What if we sometimes show closeness and then get distanced again. Or if we are not assessable for our environment, so spongy and slippery, we squirm like a soap.

So, do we want to be neatly put in a drawer?
Do we want to be typical for the others?

Do we really want selectivity?

We are a multicolor bouquet of flowers!

Don’t let yourself be pigeonholed in typology, as with the personality profiles in the DISG (4 colors) or the MBTI (16 types). No, you are individual and unique, that makes you strong, that distinguishes us all.

We are not classified into categories. Each of us has a different basic disposition, each of us has our own experiences and insights from our previous life. And each of us made something different out of it!

So, it is your decision whether you are “clear” and “selectively”, or whether you merge with one or the other.

Go on an equal footing with you, look for your talents, find what should and must belong together. Points to what is inseparable.

Take care that you do not submit, neither to yourself (“I’m just like that”), nor to others (“You do what we tell you”), nor to the past.

Search and find your own way and stand by yourself!

Find the balance between selectivity and fusion!

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