Coaching - Personal position determination
Standortbestimmung ist ein erstes Bild zur Person
the personal position determination shows the status quo andd enables clear definition oof further steps


  • … consolidates what has been perceived from training or coaching
  • … shows the value preferences and needs of the coached
  • … gives me a first picture of my coached or participant
  • … is an intensive measure to get to know each other
  • … is also used for the individual, needs-based adaptation of content
  • … takes place in private before and after a measure
  • … serves for reflection and rework
  • … contributes to the identification of development potential

The personal position determination is a private conversation and takes place in the coaching mobile.

On one hand, it is about getting to know each other personally and intensively, usually before a measure, a large program. It allows me to get to know value preferences and needs on various topics. As well as the inner attitude of the people.

This enables more precise and needs-based preparation and content structuring of individual modules. In this way, not only the perception of the client or the HR department is integrated, but also the wishes of the participants. As a result, as a trainer and consultant, a better comparison of the ideas and my perception from the original interview is possible.

Because they are needs-based, employee-oriented, and individual, this is what programs and measures must look like.

A final personal position determination of the current situation then checks the result (output), changes (outcome), and impacts of the implemented measure.

The final determination also takes place in private in the coaching mobile. It can also take place online, if desired.

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