Coaching- Workplace support
Begleitung am Arbeitsplatz hilft eine Verbindung zum Coaching und Training aufzubauen
The workplace support helps to learn the right measures for the respective situation


Workplace support can take place in connection with coaching or with a further education program / training that you are planning. 

The point here is to recognize what and how the current situation shows (i.e. before a measure) and after (post) the measure, as a repetition in order to secure the output.

That is the part where it is very different from shadow coaching and personal position determination. This is really about the comparison between start and output.

The initial situation shows where there is a problem, what is going well and what urgently needs to be questioned. It is only about the one person who is being accompanied. Interactions with others are perceived and recorded by me, but only considered if the desired output should also go in this direction.

In the case of workplace support after a measure, be it coaching or training, there is a comparison with what has been learned. How did the person take up the topics! How does she/he implement them! Where is still potential! The feedback then takes place in a one-to-one conversation.

So, it can be seen almost like lessons learned. How did the transfer from theory to practice work? Where is still room for improvement? Sometimes this also leads to a continuation, expansion or addition to the previous training program. This is also a good way of working out step-by-step plans.

Just talk to me – we will put together the right concept for you!

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