Training - Present
Presenting works with many media
If I put my heart and soul into it, what I want to present will also resonate!


  • … need good self-confidence and courage
  • … is selling yourself and the topic
  • … works well when you consider the magic triangle
  • … also means building up and maintaining the suspense
  • … means getting the auditorium excited about the topic, also online
  • … helps you achieve your own goal, possibly also with a backup plan
  • … should end by publishing and supporting one’s own motivation

A presentation is only as good as its preparation. If I, the presenter, do not understand the content myself, I will not be able to get the content across in an understandable way. Methods, topics, and my role must fit together. A good presentation needs a structure and central thread.

I can only present convincingly if I am relatable and authentic. In there are disruptions, it is important to handle them with confidence. It is also important to observe all body language signals. This is not only about the body language of my listeners, but also and above all about my own body language.

A good presentation also depends on the right techniques. Do I use projector, PC, pin boards, flipcharts, handouts or just myself? Each technique, each method has its own effect and must therefore be prepared differently. It also applies here – the right preparation is essential.

I should also “know” my audience. Who is sitting there, what are people expecting and is the lecture or presentation possible under time pressure? All relevant topics that influence success!

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