The systemic approach helps the change consultant to understand the relationships
System board is ideal for changing perspectives


  • … makes you visually aware of your current situation
  • … gives you the chance to see the picture from five or more perspectives
  • … reveals your blockages and misunderstandings
  • … creates an understanding for others
  • … depicts the entanglements and lets us look for solutions
  • … forces us to speak for and on behalf of others

The system board visualizes your own system. Or rather, your structures and the situation you are in right now. Compared to real life, a picture emerges before your eyes. This picture shows you directly and unadorned where you are and where the others are and what it is doing to you.

The system board was originally called the „family board“ and was primarily a diagnostic element of systemic family therapy. Only in the further development did it get the more general name „system board“. It is also used for systemic intervention in counseling processes in coaching, life counseling, mediation, and supervision. In the company, it is also used in human resources and corporate and organizational consulting.

I call it also the relationship board because it is an ideal tool for depicting the complexity of relationships. It is used for decision-making, helps in the change process, with team difficulties, in problematic situations and many other topics.

The system board finally gives you the chance to take a holistic view of the problem. This enables you to take a broad change of perspective. And finally, in the end, you can free yourself from your entanglements and find new solutions.

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