Change consultant - culture and relationships
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culture and relationships are related


  • … help us see what to expect
  • … let us change things and live better together
  • … show us how we treat each other
  • … are the basis for good interaction with one another
  • … bring us an understanding of the dynamics of togetherness
  • … create opportunities for change

Cultural change only works if the working atmosphere and working environment match. When crises and conflicts are anchored in a respectful and appreciative communication culture. This is also reflected in a good information style based on goals and trust. This is how good relationship management can be established. Only then do projects and processes work properly in teams.

Your own values must be compared with the values of others. It cannot and must not be specified from top to bottom. The subjective perception of togetherness is based on the feeling that needs, motives and framework conditions fit together. Then the employees and managers can hold discussions respectfully and opportunities for new paths are shown. All of this then contributes to a healthy company.

For managers and their training, this means resolving generational conflicts. But also, to maintain politeness and openness, as well as the courage to stand by your own decisions, with all the consequences.

Change and the future will only be feasible for everyone in the company if we go ahead with visions and contribute with our ideals to improve cooperation.

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