Who we are!
Team Ursula Hesselmann and Peter Hitzek

People behind it

People behind it
Trainerin Ursula Hesselmann

Ursula Hesselmann

  • self-employed since June 2008
  • 15 years at ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • 3 years in public service
  • 7 years in craft and retail
  • I specialize in looking at things as a whole
  • So, I enjoy and have a lot of energy while doing my job
  • I am extraordinarily, proud and grateful for my current life
  • Anyone who does not want to hear facts, then is in the wrong place. Because I am known to tell the truth without sugar-coating the facts
  • I am a practitioner and pragmatist and know how to combine „hard“ (strategy, mission, vision, organizational development, specialist topics) and „soft“ topics (personnel and leadership development, health management, etc.)
  • Still, I do not profess to have THE ANSWER, but can certainly offer several answers and possible solutions for every situation, every topic
  • So, I am not the HYPE expert either. No, it is about supporting YOU and YOUR company in productivity and human development, while leaving unnecessary bells and whistles aside
Peter Hitzek - die gute Seele im Büro

Peter Hitzek

  • I’ve been with Ursula Hesselmann since June 2013
  • 30 years at ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • My main tasks is to support Ursula
  • I am also the good soul in the office and enjoy my work
  • Furthermore, I am the controller, coaching mobile supervisor, fleet manager, IT specialist, tour organizer, filmmaker, …
  • AND I bring my 30 years of experience in industry and manufacturing with me and sometimes I also drive a truck, hauling hazardous cargo
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Take a moment to read our bios and gain an impression of and about the two people behind what makes this company what it is.

In addition to our job, in which we implement trainings and moderate workshops, we are also on the road privately.

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