Things should get better

… but everything should stay the same.

But please, do not change anything that at the end affects me!
It can affect the others, this is easier 🤨

We cannot expect that the structures and conditions will improve for us if we do not change our own behavior and the inner attitude that is inevitably associated with it.

We want that things will get better, but we do not want to hear, see or say anything about it if we must change

Things will get better but do not change anything

Often, we want changes and improvements to make life more simple, easier, …

But these changes only work if we too do something about it!

Example 1:

You have a smartphone. You are annoyed that one or the other APP does not work. What you are doing? Nothing?

Or do you go to the store and update your APPs? Do you do it? Yes Perfect. You think everything will get better. And now. All is good.

Or maybe not. Now the colors are different again. The control panels that you were used now look different or you can no longer find them. Trouble is preprogrammed. What a sh… What are you doing now? You curse the APP, the store, the programmer …

What should you do?! Deal with the APP and learn to cope with it. It is not a failing if you do not know at the beginning. It is worse when you don’t even try and see yourself as the poor victim.

Cope with the change and tear down the walls and barriers in your head!

Example 2:

As a coach and trainer, I often meet people who expect everything to get better. They come into my training and let it be done by others.

I ask about wishes and expectations and work on their needs with them. In the end, I am a good trainer when I work in a gently manner. It should not hurt, the change. If that hurts in the stomach, then the trainer is „stupid„.

If I call a spade a spade and the participants are not ready to work on themselves. Then there is bad feedback. Strangely, never with me, but then behind my back. How cowardly!

Are the participants ready to work on themselves? It can be difficult, sometimes painful. But always with a lot of AHA effects. So, it is important to endure failures and courageously look forward!

I am happy to help! Because something only changes when we change!

I wish you a lot of power and success!

If you need some help, please get in contact with me!

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