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Ursula Hesselmann


I am very happy to see you here!

The Power of Values!

I stand for the holistic approach and its appreciation.
Therefore, it takes courage, persistence and warm-heartedness, individuality and goal-oriented work!

Use Ideas!

It takes little to open a space for creativity and relaxation!


Having the courage to be unique and stand by oneself, makes life easier and happier!

I, Ursula Hesselmann, am there for you, „wherever is humanity“!

Support in change!

We face new truths every day. And along with those truth challenges whether personal, privat, financial or otherwise. Maserting those challenges can be tough, especially without support.

As a coach with experience in a variety of fields and industries, I will accompany you and your employees towards cultivating respectful cooperation and good communication. I will also support you personally in your endeavor to perceive and accept change.

Because every step of individual development is inextricably linked tothe development of the organization.

ūüĎī Albert Einstein says: „The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change.“

Breakthrough and progress!

Do you have an important mission or task ahead or do you need assistance solving current or pending issues? Do you need a meta perspective for these challenges, i.e., a view from outside and above?

I can help!

With more than 30 years of experience, you can be assured that I‚Äôll offer support that is well-crafted, customized, and needs-based. With an emphasis on the holistic approach and seeing the „whole picture“, I‚Äôll provide concepts and solutions that apply to both you and your company.

My service for you is as unique as I am.

Ursula Hesselmann, your sparring partner

I support you and your employees, no matter what level. In other words, I am there for your management team, your executives, those climbing the corporate ladder, all other employees in your company, regardless of their role.

Finally, I put my focus on change and how that change affects generations. There is no single answer to all questions. But there are one or more options for addressing every situation. These options can be defined and refined until they lead us to the desired goal. And with readjustments made in between where necessary.

Remember, nothing is more constant than change and with it the permanent optimization and change of ourselves, our behavior, our structures, and our culture!

Recognize complexity!

We often face obsession with power and ruthless authorities. Comprehensive changes only work if we see the whole picture and everyone works on the change. Therefore, this applies to everyone in the company, the management, and all employees.

Because everything happens in context and on different levels. Knowing about values enables us to cope with complexity.

  • We hide behind „one“ and „actually“ instead of speaking of „I“ and „we“
  • We also lack the courage to implement new creative ideas. Instead, we surrender to¬†or among the group. With this we lose more freedom than we win it!
  • Change repels us and so we build walls around us

That is why we should be courageous and recognize our own resistance as well as that of others as an opportunity … and use it. This is how we are driven by personal values and needs. As a result, our past and what it follows from also contributes a large part to our behavior.

Mastering complexity together with Ursula Hesselmann!

The topics of personality development and self-management are just as relevant as the realization that walls do not get us any further. We either get out of the habit or linger in idleness. However, we must not complain because we’re stagnant.

Are you the manager of your own development? Or are you the creative designer of the future? Our personal strengths lie in our differences and diversity.
Release unexpected forces and energies. In this way you can advance personally, in a team or in the company. YOUR attitude and motivation as well as YOUR knowledge and skills enable you to break new ground. It can also help strengthen culture and relationships with others. AND so, we can work together on processes and structures.

Living complexity sustainably!

It is not about following various hypes. No, it is about supporting YOU and YOUR company in productive development and leaving unnecessary bells and whistles aside. But at the same time living and observing the change process!

Thanks to my large and well-developed portfolio, my ongoing training, and many years of professional experience, I am a holistic, co-creatively thinking companion and coach available to you.

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