Change consultant - Change profiles
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Change profiles are based on Spiral Dynamics


  • … show soft and hard facts
  • … give a picture of your own development
  • … can be applied to individuals, teams, and organizations
  • … also says a lot about cultures and human history
  • … brings enormous added value in connection with other measures

These profiles reveal the motivations and underlying values of people, teams, and organizations. So, we can understand WHY people behave this way and the thoughts behind their decisions. We can see what inspires them and what blocks them.

The profiles are an effective tool to open people’s eyes.
I hear very often:

  • „yes, now everything is clear!“
  • „If I had known that beforehand, my way would have been much easier“
  • „now I finally understand my employee“

They are clear pictures that show the dynamics of people and make information quickly understandable. Measures in the company are implemented easier and faster and everything becomes more tangible!

If you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will discuss what makes sense and when. It is also important to talk about the combination of different instruments to achieve the best possible result for you.

You can use this in advice, training, blended learning concepts, coaching or just for you personally.

I make these profiles available to you as a certified practitioner with Value Match.
I have been certified here since 2015.

Just contact me – thank you!

It is also possible to implement the evaluations in a different form with the 9 levels system.
I have been certified here since 2012.

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