Consulting - Target agreement
Zielvereinbarungen managen bedeutet wichtige Schritte für Veränderung tätigen
A target agreement is necessary, meaningful and helpful to strengthen motivation and success


  • … means more than just filling out a job description or job specification
  • … is the engine for the next steps in change
  • … also means agreeing to SMART goals
  • … includes individually agreed strategic and operational goals
  • … only works if we have discussed and agree together!
  • … is the job of the manager and a good leadership method
  • … increase motivation and human interaction

Implement good target agreements by having a respectful and appreciative conversation. Define realistic and SMART goals together with your employee. Realistic is the magic word!

Bosses are often irritated when employees do not achieve their goals. While some are no longer interested in achieving them, others run after ambitious goals. Realistic, mutually agreed upon goals promote the motivation and thus the health of everyone involved.

Manage target agreements

Thereby, for this to work with the target agreement, it must first be clear what it entails. The first thing is a strategy that should be uniformly defined for the company. Then the procedure should be clearly structured. This means what comes after what, and what has priority. Do you need checklists, training, and other things to ensure a smooth process? Once everything has been clarified, we turn to the target agreement meeting. This is particularly relevant in the process because the strategies for target agreement only take effect if it goes well!

The course of such a conversation must be conducted consciously. Good preparation is particularly important. The main thing is to pick up the employee. A good start, a good analysis of the goals from last year and a comparison of the common goals are essential. It is about creating transparency, recognizing resistance, tracking down killer phrases, and taking the right attitude into the conversation.

Look for possibilities and solutions together and define the next steps. A good, authentic conclusion makes the target agreement a great instrument. We are happy to practice this in role exercises.

So, if you want to learn a good approach and you want me to accompany you, please contact me!

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