… is acting in dialogue at eye level.

It is about an exchange of views on certain dates. About clarification, questioning and a great extent of communication skills.

Since we are all use-oriented, the direction of the target is usually clear! Both negotiating partners want to satisfy their interests. AND both want to get a benefit for themselves!

Absolutely legitimate and mostly emotional!

Negotiation is an art and not only in love!

Negotiation is an art!

If you go into a negotiation, it makes sense to have negotiating skills! With it, it does not matter what kind of negotiation it is. It can be about a product, a price, or rights. But it can also be about you or about love.

The same procedure applies to all:

Translation of the picture / calligraphy drawing:
Tiberius Gracchus once found a few snakes in his bed. The fortune tellers said that if he killed the male he would have to die, but if he killed the female – his wife. He was already at years and his wife was still very young – for her sake he killed the male. He soon died, but she never remarried.

The right preparation

There are tons of methods and ways you can prepare:

  • Use the division into efficiency and effectiveness
  • Also look at the Harvard concept. This is a matter of factual discussion. You focus on interests. Together you develop alternatives to find objective decision-making criteria.
  • Also focus on emotions!! Because in the end these decide (not the fact!) Whether you will achieve your goal!
  • Use the art of questioning technique! The right active listening and the comparison of your perception!
  • So, search intensively for solutions, not only find the win-win orientation, but a win-win-win approach. Then you are both successful!

Negotiation skills

… are therefore communication skills, an open inner attitude, and the willingness to cooperate!

  • Always ask yourself: „What do I expect myself from this?!“
  • Always ask the other person: „What do you expect from it?!“

I wish you every success with this!

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