Coaching - Shadow coaching
Schattencoaching hat einen ganzheitlichen Blick
The shadow coaching allows a real and current analysis of the current situation in the company and enables a holistic view of the company


  • … is an on-the-job measure
  • … perceives the entire environment
  • … is the most direct and honest coaching I know
  • … shows the interaction of action and reaction
  • … acts as a pragmatic, direct, and concrete method
  • … has a decisive influence on people
  • … uses the holistic approach

As the name suggests, shadow coaching is like a „shadow“.  I watch you at work! This provides a possibility to work on the personal strengths of the employee in a targeted and sustainable way in everyday work and to then give feedback.

Shadow coaching only takes place in connection with other training measures or coaching.

In at least three, (better still – five working days), a wide variety of topics can be checked directly and promptly: e.g. communication skills, conflict competence, leadership style, or conversation skills and more.

So shadow coaching is recognizing the situation. It is also about thinking about one’s own behavior and inner attitude. In this way, it not only contributes to strengthening the personality, but also to increasing motivation in the environment.

It is about trust! On one hand, trusting on the part of the coached, on the other hand also on the part of the client. Correct shadow coaching is only possible if the coach can accompany all situations. So, I am present as a “shadow” and observer in all meetings and conversations.

This is the only way we can recognize the context between our own behavior and the behavior of the environment. The consequences of the respective behaviors and one’s own patterns are revealed. This gives you the opportunity to strengthen your own sovereignty and self-esteem. But in the end, the coached is responsible for this!

By the way: This type of support directly in the company also reveals the leadership style and thus the culture of the environment 😉

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