Consulting - Further education
Gute Konzepte machen Weiterbildung erfolgreich
Good further education needs needs-based implementation in blended learning concepts


  • … must help to meet people’s needs
  • … are a combination of different methods, including online
  • … make people want to change
  • … enhance an individual‘ personality
  • … help to reduce fear of failure and to strengthen courage
  • … stimulate the talents of the individual and everyone’s ability to work in a team
  • … increase efficiency and motivation through a secure and sustainable transfer

Further education: Blended learning concepts consider a balanced number of methods and media; only then are they good. Rapid internal acceptance and motivation of the participants are possible if you do not include unnecessary frills. But instead incorporate proven, innovative methods that are adapted to the target group and the topic. You can only achieve a remarkable result if you don’t create your concept from scratch but have good planning behind it!

I like using blended learning concepts in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for you and the participants. Further training concepts should also be built into process management or health management and contain components of various training topics.

Please keep in mind that during the implementation, through one or the other measure, changes can arise again. The project team may change, the selected target group has changed, the assignment is different, or …

Further education is especially subject to change. So, it is necessary in many places to think about permanent optimization and to provide space for it.

Just as the Corona pandemic has shown us that it is also possible to carry out meetings, training and coaching virtually. Or to work from home.

Just contact me. Since 2000 I have been responsible for implementing blended learning concepts and programs around the world and thus can offer a wealth of experience.

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