The systemic approach helps the change consultant to understand the relationships
Spiral Dynamics gives us the opportunity to grow


  • … shows us our past development
  • … gives us the opportunity to grow with our own values
  • … lets us recognize and appreciate diversity
  • … helps us to cope with change more easily
  • … enables us to cultivate togetherness in a better culture
  • … supports individual, executive, and team coaching
  • … makes further training measures challenging but successful

Spiral Dynamics is a development and growth model that describes systems in people. However, it is not a typology to pigeonhole people. Rather, it shows values that we have learned, loved, and / or rejected during our lives.

This influences our decisions and motivates us to act. In connection with a change, an organizational development or a team development, a culture and structure profile are extremely helpful. Because this gives us the opportunity to enter discussions in a non-judgmental and structured manner.

With this model we can identify deadlocked discussions or trench warfare. This makes it easier for us to name what is blocking us so we can find a solution more quickly. It also helps us to become aware of complexity and to perceive different levels. This enables us to uncover contradictions without judgment.

Spiral Dynamics can help in many situations and settings. Be it in your own personal development or in that of your team.

If you are stuck in change or in succession planning, it opens your eyes.
Compared to other models, it can be easily combined with other methods and models. This creates a holistic view that, when everyone is ready, develops enormous strength.

Spiral Dynamics a model with AHA effects

And that is exactly why I have been a fan of this model since 2012. With this I cannot only explain human development through values and make it recognizable. Instead, and this is particularly remarkable, I can present the development of humanity, companies, and cultures more clearly than ever.

Be brave and follow all the people who have already felt this energy! See for yourself at the trial workshop in March, July, and November.

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