The systemic approach helps the change consultant to understand the relationships
Learning organization picks up and activates


  • … picks up, activates, sees the whole, and adapts to change
  • … integrates not only the head, heart, and mind, but also the instinct
  • … has an eye on the culture and the teams
  • … lets us only learn when we are ready to learn
  • … has five disciplines, all of which are considered equally

With the book „The Fifth Discipline“, Peter Senge brought the learning organization closer to people. The aim is that, from his point of view, we need five areas to move an organization to change and to promote systems thinking.

  • This includes „Personal Mastery“, i.e. personal development and self-management. This asks two exciting questions: What do I want to contribute and what do I want to leave behind?
  • The second area is the „mental models“. This is about our self-concept and our individual values and norms. Assumptions and behaviors that are deeply rooted in us influence our thinking and guide our behavior.
  • The third area is the „shared vision“. A well-formulated shared vision and mission can encourage real engagement. Top management normally imposes the vision but must show what people want to achieve together.
  • The fourth area is team learning, togetherness, dialogue, and common thinking. If we manage to see everyone in the company equally and value every contribution, we have a great chance of pushing each other up and thus becoming successful together.
  • The fifth discipline is systems thinking. Keep everything in view, from small sub-areas to holistic links and keep an eye on change.
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