… is important and we should keep doing it.

It does not matter who we are, what we are and what we are working on!

Reflection is the mirroring, researching, and rethinking, own ways, steps and behavior. It is used to confront ourselves with our feelings and to go on good paths again!

Reflection in the water is the check of our mirror image, it shows our appearance and our feelings

Reflections in the river!

Just as we perceive reflections in a river, in water, on a soap bubble, in windows and many other things, we should also keep holding a mirror up to ourselves.

With every new look at it and every new idea, what we see changes and also what we don’t see.

For example, our body also reflects on us, how we are and whether we are healthy!

That means there are many ways in which we can do this! I brought with me, two of them for you.

depends on your emotions! 100%

The attention that you direct towards yourself depends on your emotional reaction!

So, you are …

focused <- … or … -> distracted

then another picture emerges!

Context sensitivity
depends on your ability to concentrate and recognize connections! 100%

Your context sensitivity has something to do with your personality!

So, you are …

fine and differentiated <- … or … -> superficial

then you will get a different result every time!

Reflection is easier when someone helps us!

It is often the case that we are so absorbed and trapped in the current situation that we can neither look left nor right.

We do not manage to find the time and peace to start these thoughts above, let alone sharpen them. That is too bad! Because every change we make to ourselves is an opportunity. Every new path we start helps us break out of old behavior. Helps us to reinvent ourselves, to work continuously on it and thus to become more content and happier.

I am happy to help you – just ask!

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