Change consultant - Structures and processes
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Structures and processes guide us to a specific result


  • …. show us what we are doing
  • … also determine who we do it for
  • … determine the way and the form in which we do it
  • … guide us to a certain result
  • … should be continuously revised
  • … and should be improved in accordance with the CIP and the PDCA

Unfortunately, processes and structures are often implemented over the heads of those involved. The mood is changing, and frustration starts allover. If the management knows that the employees do only what they are told and nothing more, nothing will change. And if they do not make sure that individual frustrations don’t spill-over into the whole team, and therefore relationships, things will only get worse.
Structures and processes cannot be improved in this way, they tend to be made worse!

Change is crowned with success when the flow of information works, and the benefits are communicated. If all those involved see a point in the change, intrinsic motivation is promoted and this in turn strengthens cooperation. Tasks, competencies, and responsibilities must then flow into the responsibility for results for everyone.

What should change look like?!

Hence, we should consider which direction change is going. Is it aimed horizontally, diagonally, or vertically? Depending on where I want to go, I need to know what resources are needed. That is why good change management is required for this. Because that gives us the opportunity to plan well which investments are needed, for example, in terms of ideas, health, training, and succession.

A change also relates to the internal structures and processes. Meeting structures, presentation specifications, and responsibilities determine the projects and thus the teamwork. Time and costs influence the change just like a good team and good leadership.

But it is not just worth looking inside, it is also worth looking outside. What about the responsibility and the image, and what are the demands of the customers?

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