Coaching - Leadership coaching
Coaching von Führungskräften arbeitet an den Kompetenzen im Umgang mit den Mitarbeitern
Leadership coaching specifically addresses the requirements and challenges of executives


The skills that an executive need are often very diverse. First and foremost, it is about good personality skills. Or rather, it is about the inner attitude and inner strength.

If the attitude is positive and self-confidence is strengthened, the next step is communication and conflict skills. I also attach great importance to the social aspect and integrative competence. Because a leader is in the wrong place if he cannot integrate his environment and has no respect and appreciation for the individual.

With empathy and inspiration, the executive can still achieve a lot. This means that with the soft factors it is important to pay attention to the inner attitude and the basic philosophy of life. Because even managers are not immune to their past and lived beliefs.

Because sometimes managers get lost in methods, processes and their specialist topics. They are then doers or experts. Instead of fulfilling their role as leaders. Because leading also means being human!

In order to determine this, it is therefore important to use different methods in coaching. Therefore, workplace support could already provide initial insights. After all, a position assessment would consolidate what is perceived. And shadow coaching can then have a significant impact on the executive coaching. An analysis of the leadership style and the authentic appearance are also another important step.

Because ultimately this leads to a relevant result for the credibility and role model function of the leader.

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