Service - Quality
service quality


  • your briefing
  • the freedom that you give me and the trust you show in my experience
  • the scope for development that you allow your employees or yourself
  • a clear order presentation and the information I have received
  • the right framework for everyone involved (participants, managers, online technologies, hotels, etc.)
  • your own willingness to change and the willingness of your employees, colleagues, …
  • the internal and external culture of trust and mistrust
  • your internal hierarchical and structural rules
  • the style of communication that you maintain with me and your colleagues
  • your own courage to want to make a difference!

As a customer, you also make a significant contribution to ensuring that the planned measure succeeds.
The quality of service is influenced by many things and there is no escaping from one’s humanity everywhere!

Since my service revolves around people, neither my service provision nor yours can be limited or automated.

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