Change consultant - Systemic integral approach
systemic integral approachsatz
Systemic integral approach is a holistic view of life


  • … is a good basis for our life
  • … also helps us to achieve positive health management
  • … flows into individual, team and executive coaching measures
  • … makes it clear to us as to where we stand
  • … shows where we would like to go and how we can do it
  • … makes us sit up and take notice so that we value ourselves and others
  • … takes ourselves seriously – but so do the others
  • … gives us all a better understanding
  • … lets us master the future better!

The systemic integral approach is not a HYPE phenomenon. There have been many methods and systems for a very long time that cope with a holistic approach.

Be it the transactional analysis with her brilliant „father“: Eric Berne (1910-1970), who has also worked with many other topics. Or the learning organization or „fifth discipline“ by Peter Senge. Also, it’s a pleasure to quote the Spiral Dynamics development model from Prof. Graves and his students Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, as quoted on many pages on the Internet.

Just have a look around, I have listed a few models for you here that delve into the holistic view. They help you to get a clear picture of yourself and your company.

Just get involved! 😃

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