Training - Conversational Skills
Conducting conversational skills strengthens our network
Conversation management is like leadership, the challenge of dealing with yourself and the needs and feelings of others!


    • … are diverse and take time to develop
    • … need a good start right from the start
    • … are successful when you have prepared yourself well
    • … only work if you are able to ask the right questions correctly
    • … along with good self-clarification lead to the goal
    • … are, above all, relationship-oriented, then content-oriented
    • … include feelings and perceptions; those determine the ultimate success

It seems that in the hectic pace of everyday life we rush from one appointment to the next and no longer take the time to prepare well? Does that sound familiar?

If you start a conversation and the chemistry is not right from the output, then the conversation will not work either. And it does not matter what type of conversation it is. And it does not matter who the person might be on the other end. This conversation could be a job interview or a performance review or perhaps a discussion about salary, a problem-solving chat, or even a conflict discussion.

It’s important to remember that communication is verbal and non-verbal. Conversations thrive from a combination of verbal and non-verbal coherence. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, when we converse, and then we wonder why we did not achieve the desired result. Because the conversation as planned has not gone that way!

We’re also often called upon to lead discussions, target-oriented and solution-oriented. To do this, we must have an open mind and treat people with respect and appreciation. This also includes a good conclusion and honest follow-up!

If you would like to take the conversations in your company to a different (better) level but aren’t sure how to proceed, then I look forward to hearing from you and offering my help!

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