Serenity or hurricane

… serenity inside the hurricane, should be the answer!

Why do we stick with anger?
What drives us to be dissatisfied?

Who is responsible for whether I can find serenity inside the hurricane?

Ruhe und Wirbelsturm-serenity and hurricane

Serenity or hurricane

Most of the time we are stuck at the edges of the cyclone! In just one day or even in a few hours, we can switch from anger to frustration to joy or anger. Wouldn’t it be better if we knew how to manage fear, resentment, anger, and our positive energy?!

So, what is happening?

The goal is serenity in the hurricane

Why should you go into the eye of the hurricane, what does that get you? Wouldn’t it be better not to get into the cyclone at all?

Yes, that would clearly be better. But unfortunately, we only realize this when we are already in the hurricane.

shark tank

So, you first must go all the way in, to get out again.

Look at the cyclone from below. It starts narrow down there.

So, at the beginning of our life almost everything is fine. We are born innocent beings. Then we are slowly drawn further and further into turmoil of life.

And then it feels like being in a shark tank. We are pushed, driven, bitten, and sometimes eaten.

Get out of the shark tank!

I wish you success!

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