Consulting - Health management
Health management for the physical and mental health of all employees in the company


  • … is a structured, planned and coordinated process
  • … has the goal of strengthening the health competence in the company
  • … is initiated and supported by the management
  • … integrates and promotes the culture of an organization
  • … creates framework conditions that promote learning and personality
  • … only works if everyone can see benefits
  • … also optimizes working conditions in terms of leadership behavior
  • … is therefore about participation, holism, and integration!

Health costs money, illness costs a fortune!

Healthy employees

Healthy, efficient employees, managers, and entrepreneurs are the basis for your successful company!

OHM as an integral part

Thereby, organizational health management (OHM) works, but a comprehensive view of the strategies, structures and goals is required. OHM should therefore become an integral part of your corporate culture. Only then will you be successful in the long term.

Individual advice

I offer you individual advice because companies are individually different and that must be considered!

Holistic approach

Furthermore, for the holistic approach, you need initial analyzes of the loads, their evaluation, and the arising results. From this I develop a concept for you that includes measures and ideas for mental and physical health promotion. After all, these apply equally to your employees and managers. In addition, you should involve the works council.

The following pillars are relevant for the OHM:

  • Occupational health and safety (duty of the employer)
  • In-company integration management – OIM (duty of the employer)
  • Workplace health promotion (voluntary for employers)
  • Personnel management with strategy, personnel, and organizational development

Finally, I carry out an evaluation and control of the effectiveness of the measures implemented. Because of that, to succeed we must establish a steering committee in advance. Together with this, we can roll out the communication for the entire company in a target-group-specific and comprehensive manner.

Transport the benefit

If you take all of this into account, then the benefits of health management can be transported into your entire company!

Serious activity

Something changes in your company only when health promotion and prevention are not empty words, but serious activities. Or rather, when everyone notices that something is going on here and that with real inner conviction, credibility, and courage, it also gets in people’s minds!

Achieve sustainability

If you then get into a rhythm, for example in individual health circles, then we can create sustainable health management together.

Revive it

So that your OHM is finally revived, it needs to be checked at the end. Because only when you have built an established and sustainable system that is up and running is it alive! Because this is the only way to achieve true health promotion for your employees and the setup of your own health competence!

Do not fall into any trap!

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