Training- Performance review
Performance review is like an inspection
Performance reviews are only successful if we treat one another with appreciation and respect


  • … are only good if they are planned and well prepared in terms of content
  • … last 1-3 hours and should take place at least twice a year
  • … open a dialogue and thus promote cooperation
  • … help to develop understanding for one another
  • … give both an image of oneself and others
  • … open new perspectives and foster the working atmosphere
  • … are the basis for a trusting relationship with one another

Performance reviews are also part of conversational skills. But they pose a particular challenge. They are more time-consuming and intensive to prepare (in person and in writing) for both sides. A target agreement is also a kind of employee review.

That is why it is important during the conversation to build trust in one another and to persistently identify the causes by asking questions. Because with it we can perceive fears, insecurities, and concerns, and acknowledge them and get them out of the way together.

This is only possible if we have the courage to do so and thus cultivate openness. This also means our leadership style must exude courtesy and openness. The result is that we take responsibility for our behavior and actions.

As a result, a performance review must be conducted in an open, authentic, honest and transparent manner. Because only then is the conversation sustainable.

In this way, we promote a climate that allows others to be open-hearted and straightforward on their part. It is then particularly relevant that no psychological games gain the upper hand. Because information then becomes accessible to everyone and can circulate unhindered.

If confidentiality and security are important to us, that must be said! In this way, fears can be openly shown and addressed. And thoughts can be expressed without the feeling of being punished or bawled out.

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