… is the strength to resist!

We all need resilience!

Resilience is not a force to go into opposition, it is the force to resist, to survive!


In what way does resilience show itself!

It is our very own ability to handle stressful living conditions and the resulting consequences. Sometimes we must be something like a stand-up man.

We have not only needed this resilience since the corona pandemic. Even if this shows how strong we really are, as individuals and as a community. And what about our perseverance.

So, the question arises: How do we react?

In behavior

  • Are we the ones who tend to flee? It is better to retreat than to go into your own development.
  • Or do we become open opponents because we are convinced that all the measures offered will not lead to the goal.
  • We may also belong to the underground fighters who spread rumors, spread fake news, and stir up opinion against all
  • Maybe we’re just waiting, just accepting it.
  • Or are we a, as Wilhelm Busch calls him, a „depender“?
    So, depending on how things go for me, I choose one direction or the other.
  • Then there are those who see the need for change, are convinced of the success of the measures and are willing to work with them. We see this in times of Corona in all the great measures for others to jump in, shop, etc.
  • Or do you even work as a visionary yourself to develop your own ideas and measures?

It’s not about going into resistance; it’s about developing your own inner strength to handle change!

In feelings

All these behaviors are shaped by us as individuals. They are shaped by our own values, our experiences, our self-esteem, and our self-confidence.

If we do not have this basis and foundation, we are stressed. When we are stressed, we are less creative and certainly not innovative! Then we end up in violent mood swings. These depend on internal factors, such as my own self-esteem, how I manage fear or my ability to say NO. But it’s also about whether I have a need for recognition. If that is the case, then of course I actuate everything to show my resilience.

All these things then hit, as the vernacular says: „makes us worry oneself sick“!

We become irritated, stressed, tense, suffer from sleep disorders, everything becomes too much. We are listless, dissatisfied, in a bad mood and the body reflects all of that.

What can we do for more resilience!

  • First take a deep breath!
  • Listen to your gut feeling, it usually leads you in the right direction!
  • Look at the light at the end of the tunnel, every cloudy view usually has something good too!
  • Ask yourself what makes sense for you! Turn on your common sense!
  • Get some fresh air and clear your head!
  • Get transparency! The better you are informed, the better you can assess your own situation!
  • Search and find your resources and energy donors!
  • Weigh up exactly what information and assistance you need to feel good!
  • Have the courage to say NO sometimes!
  • Obtain yourself more autonomy!
  • Learn to grow and find your balance!
  • Smile! But only if it comes from the heart, please!
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