Change profiles help the change consultant in the change process
Culture profile for better cooperation


  • … shows the culture and the relationships among each other
  • … also shows the attitude with which one works
  • … makes habits and manners understandable
  • … is the disclosure of the atmosphere in the company
  • … shows actual and target values
  • … helps to identify resistance and initiate suitable measures
  • … shows the dominant values and compares them with the value profile

When it comes to leadership, the culture profile looks at issues such as trust and control or how to handle criticism and crises. In doing so, social manners as well as the image of man that is lived are considered.

Another particularly important aspect of culture is how we cope with conflicts. For example, let’s avoid this, or let’s approach the solution with respect and appreciation! Topics that determine the goal and direction in a culture are also listed. Are employees allowed to develop or must everything stay the same? Which, by the way, is fatal when we think of the younger generations who want inspiring bosses.

Each generation brings its own values and each generation stands for them. So, it is not surprising if the „sparks fly“ at one point or another!

And this is exactly where this instrument helps us. To create understanding for what was, what is and what can be!

If you are interested in knowing and wanting to understand your organizational health, a culture profile is just the thing. It helps you to create understanding for one another and to plan succession correctly. Furthermore, it helps to support the people in the company so that they do not go into resistance.

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