Young executive

… means from colleague to manager. An important step for many people.

But a difficult step, because the new manager often must learn to handle with new challenges and framework conditions.

Young executives need courage, strength and perseverance - it will be fine! Just stay tuned!


In this step, there are one or the other potholes that must be overcome.

It starts with the uncomfortable feeling that you might have stolen someone else’s potential job. It continues with the question of how to treat with the former „buddies“ and colleagues. Now I have something to say! How do I do this without mistakes?

Often, new young executives are already putting too much pressure on themselves as a result. You are in a new role and of course you want to give your best. The danger now is that you want to do everything on your own or that you exercise too much control unnecessarily. But how is it again?

  • Trust is good, control is better or was it the other way around
  • Control is good, Trust is better!

Uiiuii, that is harder than thought. Of course, the young executive would like to trust the employees. But where does it come from, how does it grow and when do I destroy it? All important questions that are now coming to the fore.

Steps to be taken now for the young executive!

Important steps that are triggered by incorrect behavior are, for example …

  • Instead of tackling everything too carefully, implement it with courage, inner strength and decision-making competence
  • Because of all the work and inner pressure, hardly or not at all thinking about ourselves anymore. Here it is important to constantly reflect yourself. What are my values? What are the values, expectations and needs of the others? How can I lead well? Am I good at leader? …
  • Blaming others instead of admitting your own mistakes or lack of knowledge. We are “only” human, we cannot know everything. BUT we can constantly work on ourselves and our behavior!
  • Avoid important discussions because conflicts are often difficult to endure. Because the young executive usually wants to „please everyone“. But that is not possible! Look ahead, learn to hear, see, and address each other’s interests. Usually, it is only fear that keeps us from doing it – use your skills and enter into a dialogue!

I wish you every success!

If you need help with this, get in touch.

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