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training online
Training online

Online or virtual

  • … is feasible
  • … is different than usual
  • … means more attention must be paid to the needs of the participants
  • … requires good preparation and a lot of concentration from us
  • … works best as a blended concept
  • … means the energy sprays differently, that must be taken into account
  • … must also be fun for everyone


In the future, if you are thinking of implementing parts of your training virtually, please remember, everything is different.
Organizational questions, such as the integration of the overall concept, the forms of learning used, or the current culture, must be clarified. The technical framework conditions and requirements are also important. However, the human factors are particularly important. This pertains to behavior and the inner attitude; these must be considered.


Basic conditions

The guidelines in the training process (be aware of, knowing, being able, implementing, establishing, and transforming) are different than usual.
So, the question is, do you want to moderate online in the future; if so, then you not only need moderation skills, but very special knowledge. The same goes for imparting knowledge. There are different and new challenges for a trainer compared to the face-to-face part. Certain rules apply when working with one another. Or do you want to be the supporter in problematic situations? It seems as if a virtual trainer, moderator, and coach must be a true multi-talent at this point. But you can learn that too!



The course of these trainings and meetings is different. Compared to in-person measures, the process must be planned and prepared differently. The structures are also different. That is why it has a direct impact on the rules of cooperation. These absolutely must be changed when we come together virtually or even coach online. The same applies to exercises and tasks, they have a different rhythm and are structured differently.
That must be considered. If we do not focus on the new procedure and process, the mood quickly changes.

So, there is a lot to consider when we talk about the virtual methods at trainings or meetings. 
Some things can be done differently and some not at all!

Different variants that I offer:

  • I am happy to train your employees on how to best moderate online. Just like how they can organize or hold meetings
  • I would be happy to work with you to assemble a concept that uses synchronous or asynchronous methods and combines them with other methods.
  • In addition, we can also set up a Train the Trainer concept that enables your employees to act as online moderators, trainers, and coaches themselves.

Just ask me.


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