Training - Health
Health is our most important asset
Health is psychological and physical well-being - this requires knowledge of yourself!


  • … is determined by my own will
  • … is a competence that we can learn
  • … should be in my focus when I am ready to work on myself
  • … is promoted through good health management
  • … does not exist if we inundate people with work
  • … stays away if we lead disrespectfully and treat people condescendingly
  • … is the motivation engine in the company and strengthens cooperation
  • … is the indicator for the feelings and emotions that we tolerate

I hear everywhere that health is an important issue. But when I talk to people in a company, it’s mostly about more work being distributed to fewer people in an ever-faster time.
Seams the idea is that people should be made fit so that they can do more and more work. This then appears under the guise of “making employees resilient”. If that is the case, with this in mind, I say NO to this idea.

Is that the goal of health?
Target agreements are peppered with unrealistic goals and imposed on the employee. Health falls by the wayside! People work, work, complain and get sick. For a few days, a few weeks, or longer.
There is no solution in sight, new processes, new audits, optimization potential, a new boss, … something is constantly changing, and people have to stay tuned. This not only increases work stress, but also internal stress, which has an impact on personality, motivation, communication, and conversation. Conflicts are inevitable AND the fluctuation is increasing!

Do you want to have your employees' at this point?

No – good!

It is okay to repress things and forget. It is not about going over everything again and again! Above all, it is about comparing the memories and the emotions experienced, positive and negative, with the current situation and finding new solutions. Train towards self-confidence; focus on the positive, and be proud of something! Humor is also an important part of strengthening the inner feeling.

One possible approach is to understand things, to make them manageable and to recognize the significance, i.e., the meaning, holistically and dynamically.
If we want to get stronger and strengthen our inner resilience, then we must think about the following topics:

  • What about my self-image? Is it realistic or am I stuck on an ideal?
  • How good are my problem-solving and conflict-ability skills? How does this affect my stress perception and health?
  • Can I manage to live my feelings, and can I relax, too?
  • How good am I at dealing with insults?
  • Can I plan goals in a way that is easy to remember?
  • How well do I lead?

Above all, it is important to me that the subject of health is not reduced to absurdity. This means using various measures to make employees more resilient so that they perform even better! It is about appreciation, recognition, and praise. A good sense of togetherness and not about more workload and negative stress! But also, a healthy balance – so no “overprotection”, but the chance to try things out.

Health has 4 columns

You are a muscle-"animal" - move it! 100%
Start to be self-effective! 100%
Let go of your mind and body 100%
Eat right! 100%

Take care of yourself!

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