Training - Customer
Training in how to work well with customers as an important aspect of being successful
The customer is like the employee and I am a person with needs, wishes and expectations. We only recognize them when we listen!


  • … is the future of every company
  • … can also be found internally, such as, colleagues and those in other departments
  • … just wants to have his/her wishes fulfilled
  • … is interested in achieving his own goals
  • … sometimes has concerns
  • … is not an enemy, but a person like you and me
  • … challenges us and spurs us on
  • … does not always have to get a YES

First and foremost, our customers expect that they can trust us. And that they will be helped directly to solve any issues they might have. They are usually looking for a reliable service provider, partner, or product. They expect us to think ahead and to deliver good and, above all, measurable results. Customers want to be seen as a person and, to do so, we must put ourselves in their shoes.

This is an all-encompassing approach that presents a big picture and therefore the reality of each situation. However, it must be unterstood that every customer has different requirements. That is why it is important to find out exactly what the other person wants and/or needs.

What we need!

For this, we need a good communication style, clear questioning techniques, the right attitude, good preparation and much more. We must listen carefully because the other person has feelings and consequently sends many signals that need to be perceived and applied. It is particularly exciting to pay attention to filler words. These often provide the decisive orientation for further communication. Therefore, it is also important to ask good questions and thus come to a good conclusion.

If we talk at a cross-purposes, there is a lack of understanding for one another.
But mostly we are only held up in a mirror. 😉

I would be happy to support you in learning to have a good, productive conversations with both your internal and external customers. Just contact me!

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