Interests are buried under many layers. To find out WHY a person does something, we must be patient


Interests … are at the heart of our togetherness. When we say: „I understand you“, it is unfortunately often an

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I am responsible for my time, nobody else, I bear all the consequences myself

My time

My time … is my responsibility! How often do we hear the statement: „No time!“ But who influences our time?

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Incredible and yet true - it's great what we can and are allowed to see during our lifetime


Incredible … yet true! The beautiful, multicolored remains of a destroyed star shimmer in stunning new images captured by the

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Negotiation is an art and not only in love!


Negotiation … is acting in dialogue at eye level. It is about an exchange of views on certain dates. About

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Understanding others, if we want to understand someone, we must devote one's attention to that person. It is almost like reading a book!


Understanding … is like observing, looking at, determining, identifying, and evaluating. If you do it well, it is also a reading,

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A moving target, in full bloom for the birds in summer and the same but different in winter

Moving target

Moving target … lives from instability and dynamism. A moving target also lives from tension, beauty, the NEW and the

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A sweeping judgment should not allow us to get carried away instead we should look at things in a sensible way.

Sweeping judgment

Sweeping judgment … drives the „church out of the village“ instead of looking at things in a sensible way. Do

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Experiences that we gain, can sometimes confuse us.


Gaining experiences … are knowledge, practice, teaching and gives us security. But they also give us an overview and an

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Iridescent balls or soap bubbles are delicate structures but beautiful.

Iridescent ball

Iridescent ball … can fascinate us, fall into raptures, and make us happy. But they can also deceive, disappoint, and

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What is your role as a leader? What is to be risked?

Role as a leader

Leader’s role … means not to wear a mask!!! But unfortunately, I come across a lot of masks, especially in the

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continuous improvement should also be the goal for us personally!


Continuous improvement … is a matter of course for many when we talk about products, structures, and organizations. But what

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We can strengthen competence and skills if we start of in a small way


Skills are diversity … in doing and over time. If we are confronted with unfamiliar situations or consciously sent into

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energizer as a booster


Energizer … are our reinsurance and our protection to survive difficult times. But be careful: It should not be too

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Bumper - the buffer stops of life


Bumper or buffer stop … originate from a sound. It makes puff or bof or pof and it stands for

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Ideal world - a fallacy. We can only survive if we face reality

Ideal world

Ideal world … there is not any. To wish for an ideal world is the most natural thing in the

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Allowing unknowingness means coping with your own future


Unknowingness … also means taking an inner attitude beyond our ego that allows this. In doing so, however, we must

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