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Coaching Motorhome from Ursula Hesselmann


Use this unique opportunity to get everything from one source! The Coaching Motorhome is available for individual coaching or conflict resolution in a quiet atmosphere!

Working place

A comfortable corner seat for intensive discussions in individual coaching, executive coaching, or even when moderating conflicts.

Flip chart, computer, pin board and more are available.

Technical Equipment

The best places

We look for the best places because many things can be solved better on a walk!


I give everything for you, in every season!

I am on the road for you in spring, summer, autumn and winter. No way is too far … AND in the car it is warm or just cool depending on the wishes of the coached person.

The Coaching Motorhome is there for you!

Your advantages:

  • You do not need a third party
  • You book; I will clarify the location
  • No room searches
  • No booking for meals
  • With one agreement, everything is clear!
  • Start talking in a pleasant atmosphere!

Mobile Coaching offers the following:

  • There is a comfortable round seating group, which allows two or three people to sit in a relaxed atmosphere
  • We are independent of the weather and the motorhome is in use all year round (heating and air conditioning)
  • Of course, there are also flipcharts, pin boards and moderation material available
  • There is also a screen, laptop, projector, and Co
  • Various methods are available for outdoor use
  • There is sufficient freedom of movement inside
  • Drinks such as coffee, tea, etc. are also available at any time
  • In an emergency, a toilet is also available
Mobile Coaching is to me:

Use in many areas. So, we know the following technical terms:

  • Face-to-face
  • Tele coaching or virtual classroom or webinar
  • Telephone coaching
  • Online, chat, webcam coaching

The Coaching Motorhome combines all these aspects in one and offers the space that it needs to be mobile!

Many of my coaching customers and clients have been able to work successfully on their desired development goals in this unique setting since 2016.

Be there too and enjoy this unique selling proposition for you or your employees!

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